Hafa Bathroom Group Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

Confirmed by the Board of Directors of Hafa Bathroom Group (HBG) on 23.04.2010.

Hafa Bathroom Group (HBG) will be a good employer and member of society. High moral and ethical standards are an inherent part of our business and our efforts towards constant improvement.

Our vision with regard to social responsibility is to work proactively to increase and improve the quality of life for HBG's stakeholders, i.e. its employees, customers and suppliers.

Code of conduct

HBG takes care to ensure that the products being sold are manufactured in an ethically correct manner. For that reason, we want to take responsibility for ensuring that fundamental human rights, healthy working conditions and respect for the environment are observed throughout our production chain.

HBG's collaborative partners, manufacturers and suppliers shall observe the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and their employees shall be treated in compliance with the ILO's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (1998). Every collaborative partner, manufacturer and supplier to HBG must guarantee that conditions and obligations are practised in their respective production chains.

We shall actively support our collaborative partners in our endeavours to achieve our vision for social responsibility. Our Code of Conduct is non-negotiable. It is therefore important that, in agreement with suppliers, we create the conditions for improvement, thus ensuring that the HBG Code of Conduct is adhered to within a given time-frame.

The HBG Code of Conduct contains further details as to how the company dissociates itself from child labour, forced labour, discrimination and unsatisfactory conditions related to working hours, wages, freedom of association, as well as working and living conditions. The Code of Conduct also shows the way monitoring and observance are to take place.


Within the Hafa Bathroom Group, we regard taking environmental responsibility as important and consider environmental, health and safety issues to be an integral part of our business. We shall meet or exceed environmental and occupational health and safety requirements in accordance with laws, ordinances and regulations in each country in which we operate.

The HBG environment policy consists of two parts, one for the external environment and one for the working environment, which will form the basis for the company's work.

We shall exhibit transparency regarding work on environment and occupational health and safety issues, and shall be responsive to external changes. All measures must promote Hafa Bathroom Group's environmental work and lead to continuous improvement.

Human Resources (HR)

Hafa Bathroom Group intends to be an attractive place to work and to offer challenges and long-term development to energetic employees, i.e. a workplace in which everyone looks forward to coming to work every day. We regard mutual respect as important. That means that we respect one another's opinions and differences. Honesty and responsibility are other key words that the company holds dear. That means that we are transparent and honest with one another and take responsibility individually and jointly. The company operates on the basis of visible leadership and a climate of open information. See the business plan for further details of HBG's HR strategy.


The company shall work to promote impeccable business ethics. In order to run an efficient business operation, it is important to Hafa Bathroom Group that anyone doing business with the company as customers, suppliers and agents should have access to Hafa Bathroom Group on the same terms. Our ethical policy states that we shall not use any methods that would distort the markets and hamper economic, social and democratic development, such as corruption, bribery and unfair anti-competitive practices. We apply control functions in our decision-making processes and systems to prevent irregularities from being able to arise.


Hafa Bathroom Group has an in-house quality management system for charting all of the company's processes - "Pure Quality", see our Quality Policy. The primary objective is to ensure product quality and reduce the quality deficiency costs, as well as to ensure other processes in the company.

Hafa Bathroom Group works in accordance with this in-house quality management system on an ongoing basis, holding regular function and process meetings for the constant improvement/ optimisation of processes against specified targets.

Quality deficiency costs max 3 % of sales High levels of customer satisfaction Consistent and good product quality

Hafa Bathroom Group is working on quality processes for developing safe products, safe installation and safe application for the user. We currently hold certification in compliance with Branschregler Säker Vatteninstallation [Industry Rules on Safe Water Installation] and our products have been approved in compliance with current standards and regulations.


HBG shall submit correct, relevant and reliable information to all stakeholders. Who these are and how this should take place, and regulations concerning information management, are described in more detail in the company's Information Policy.

HBG intends, by way of its communication activities, to:

  • Provide information about important events, continuously provide information to the Board of Directors concerning the financial status of the company.
  • Create interest in the business and build up confidence in it.
  • Create the conditions for increased dialogue with the outside world.
  • Get the company's own personnel involved and committed.

HBG's work on information/communication is subdivided into the following business areas:

  • External information
  • Relationships with the mass media
  • In-house information

The information shall be easily accessible to the target groups. The information shall create confidence in HBG, thereby increasing the value of the company.

The MD is ultimately responsible for the HBG Group's communications with the market, society and the media. Only the MD and the Chairman of the Board of Directors will provide information about/make statements about all general issues concerning the company externally.

Employees within HBG shall adhere to the in-house confidentiality requirements which have been drawn up to prevent the spread of any information that is not intended for the public domain which could influence the share price for the owner. Confidentiality agreements shall be drawn up for external consultants and collaborative partners who have access to information that is not intended for the public domain and which could influence the share price.