Environment Policy

Within the Hafa Bathroom Group, we believe it is important to take environmental responsibility and that environmental, health and safety issues form an integral part of our overall business. We will meet or exceed environmental and occupational health and safety requirements in accordance with laws, ordinances and regulations in each country in which we operate.

The policy is made up of two parts – one for environment and one for working environment – which shall form the basis of the company's work.

With our environmental work we want to:

  • gradually adapt the business to be better environmentally, making even minor everyday environmental measures important
  • take environmental aspects into account when evaluating our suppliers and when producing/purchasing new products, particularly with regard to products that have been surface treated, contain electronics and/or generate mixed waste
  • reduce the environmental impact arising from the manufacture and distribution of our products
  • reduce the volume of product packaging

The following are important as concrete guidelines for our work on occupational health and safety:

  • endeavour to offer working conditions that stimulate employees to be efficient, take responsibility and continue developing their overall competence
  • operate the business in a manner that prevents any detrimental effects on the health of employees within every work operation
  • give every employee the opportunity to have an influence over his or her work situation

We shall exhibit transparency regarding the company's work on environment and occupational health and safety issues, and shall be responsive to external changes. All measures must promote Hafa Bathroom Group's environmental work and lead to continual improvement.

Monitoring and observance – copied from the Code of Conduct

  • All suppliers must observe the Hafa Bathroom Group Environment Policy. It is supplier's responsibility to ensure that their subcontractors fulfil the terms of the environment policy.
  • Hafa Bathroom Group monitors compliance with the environment policy. Hafa Bathroom Group's employees, or third party representatives, have the right to conduct unannounced company visits and undertake audits of suppliers.
  • If Hafa Bathroom Group finds that a supplier is not observing the requirements, we will make the supplier aware of this and initiate discussions in order to find constructive solutions. In these cases, we will develop action plans in collaboration with the supplier, containing deadlines and penalty clauses to ensure future compliance.
  • If Hafa Bathroom Group discovers that the supplier is not willing to implement the agreed improvements or if the established deadlines are not met, the partnership with the supplier will be terminated.
  • In the event of repeated violations of the environment policy by the supplier, the Hafa Bathroom Group reserves the right to immediately terminate all partnerships with the supplier and to cancel existing orders.

Some moral environmental dilemmas

New effective chemicals
Design recommends a new effective chemical, of whose impact on the environment/health nothing is known although research findings indicate that it could be hazardous both when being handled and if it were to be spilled. What do you do?

Response: Say no to the chemical UNLESS we can handle the chemical in an acceptable manner.

Delivery reliability
An existing haulier who has systematically worked to assist you to guarantee delivery reliability does not have environmental certification, or is able to offer "green tonnage". What do you do?

Response: Are there any alternative hauliers? If not, other measures can contribute to fulfilling our environment policy (e.g. full pallets).

Purchasing company vehicles
New vehicles are to be purchased (trucks, service vehicles, company cars). Eco-vehicles are more expensive – what do you do?

Response: Eco-vehicles may be purchased for a higher sum than is the practice for purchasing company cars - if the private individual so wishes.

Suppliers' environmental impact
When assessing your suppliers, obvious breaches of the environment policy have been noted and the action plans drawn up for achieving "Compliance" with the environment policy have not been implemented. What do you do?

Response: Change supplier if there is a choice or apply the penalty clause when remedial action has to be taken. At the same time, start work on searching for a new supplier. If the remedial action is not implemented according to the time schedule = change of supplier.

Suppliers' environmental impact
When choosing between two new suppliers, two important factors stand out:
Supplier 1: Low purchase price, not assessed as being capable of meeting the environment policy requirements
Supplier 2: High purchase price, assessed as being capable of meeting the environment policy requirements
What do you do?

Packaging and environmental impact
Your suppliers produce a proposal for an environmentally adapted packaging material (lower volume packaging) which will also lower transport costs considerably. You suspect that product quality might suffer - for example, it might give rise to damage in transit and damage during warehouse handling. What do we do?