Quality Policy

Confirmed by the Board of Directors of Hafa Bathroom Group (HBG) on 23.04.2010.


Hafa Bathroom Group AB intends to supply products and services which are equivalent to or exceed the customer's expectations.

To guarantee that we are providing the quality our customers need and want, Hafa Bathroom Group AB has created an in-house quality management system, under which it is going to operate – ”Pure Quality”, which is at the same time a good tool for constantly measuring, checking and developing the quality of all of the Company's processes.


By carrying out good quality work, to achieve more satisfied customers.

The primary objective of the quality work is to guarantee consistent, good product quality and to reduce costs associated with deficient quality, as well as to guarantee other processes in the Company.


Hafa Bathroom Group works in accordance with this in-house quality management system on an ongoing basis, holding regular function and process meetings for constant improvement and process optimisation against specified targets.

Hafa Bathroom Group works with quality processes to develop safe products, safe installation and safe application for the user. We currently hold certification in compliance with Branschregler Säker Vatteninstallation [Industry Rules on Safe Water Installation] and our products have been approved in compliance with current standards and regulations.

Quality work throughout all phases of the product's life

Before sales - product development

  • All products are documented in accordance with set product documentation templates, signed and stamped by the respective supplier.
  • All product development must adhere to the product development template.
  • Risk analysis must be carried out when developing new products.
  • Continuous BPQ (Better Product Quality) and product care meetings.
  • Quality management organisation with Quality Controllers on site at the supplier's premises to intercept any faults right at the factory.
  • Well-prepared checklists, based on which the QCs carry out their inspections.

During sales

  • Quality control in accordance with Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) on delivery to the warehouse.
  • Continual training of staff.

Aftersales - complaint management

  • Case handling system for the rapid detection and monitoring of recurrent errors and evidence for pursuing cases against suppliers.
  • Computerised spare parts management, plus exploded diagrams online for simpler ordering of spare parts.
  • Clear rules for handling complaints.
  • Troubleshooting diagrams and simplified instructions for the consumer to enable the consumer personally to correct some simple errors.

Put simply – working in accordance with the in-house quality management system "Pure Quality", with regular function and process meetings for continuous improvement/optimisation of the processes against set targets.


Each employee shall have sufficient competence to be able to act in line with this policy and is responsible for the quality of his or her own work. Every manager shall ensure that we achieve specified targets and shall stimulate commitment to constant improvements and spread quality awareness through his or her leadership. Process ownership is distributed among respective process owners in compliance with "Pure Quality".


Quality work is monitored via:
Annual surveys of satisfied customers in accordance with the established method Quality deficiency costs per product/supplier in relation to sales.