Our brands

Hafa Bathroom Group AB owns two brands, Hafa Badrum and Westerbergs.

Hafa represents products for the entire bathroom and more bathroom for your money. Hafa has a wide product range containing everything from bathroom furniture and showers to steamers, baths and mixers. Hafa is constantly developing new products and works with skilled designers and product developers who enjoy the challenge of combining attractive designs with the market’s smartest functions. Find out more at hafa.se.

Westerbergs – the whirlpool bath expert. Westerbergs is able to offer whirlpool baths for all, thanks to the company’s long history, a broad product range and, most importantly, its own whirlpool bath factory in Sweden. Westerbergs also works with designers and product developers to produce product families with a unique design that is carried through whirlpool baths, baths, furniture and mixers. Everything you need to create a unique bathroom for the best bathing experience. Find out more at westerbergs.com.