Our brands

Hafa Bathroom Group AB owns three brands, Hafa Badrum, Noro and Westerbergs.

Hafa - High quality is our standard

Hafa are passionate about bathrooms as well as for the challenge to create a personal atmosphere where the functionality and design of each product simplifies the day-to-day life and provides durability over time. Along with designers, constructors and manufacturers we proceed purposefully. We are exploring new opportunities and materials. So it has always been and so it will remain. Hafa offers a broad range for the entire bathroom where bathroom furniture with modern design is the focus. SINTEF approved mixers of high quality, shower solutions with a focus on sustainability and bathtubs with or without massagefunction is a small selection of the range.

With the new bathroom furniture Hafa Edge we are advancing the boarders within design and quality in your bathroom. We are very proud to have launched Hafa Edge this fall, a bathroom furniture of the highest quality and design. Hafa Edge became 2016 recognized as the winner of the "Bathroom of the year" award, organized by Bad&Kökguiden.

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Westerberg's – the whirlpool bath expert

Our factory is located in Skene, in Västergötland, Sweden. Here we have designed, developed and built whirlpool baths since 1981. Quiet, powerful and well-designed tubs with systems that are both more environmentally friendly as well as more reliable than previous models on the market. Our productdevelopment is a constant endeavor to develop products of highest quality.

For us, it is our experience, our know-how, but above all our efforts forward that we take most pride in. We use high technology but also attaches great importance to craftsmanship throughout the manufacturing chain. It means that all our whirlpool baths are assembled by hand. Our tubs are sold through specialty stores where the knowledge of our products is significantly high. Welcome to Westerbergs, the world of bathtubs, whirlpool baths and spas.

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Noro Bathroom was founded in 2007 by David Norell, Hasse Backman and Stellan Johansson and in January 2017 Noro and Hafa Bathroom Group were set to merge, meaning that Noro now became the third brand to be included in Hafa Bathroom Group. The design philosophy of Noro is based on Nordic traditions of high quality. No matter which style you prefer, Noro can provide it.

We wish for the customers who comes in contact with Noro should feel that they have found the solution, a guide to the complete bathroom. A bathroom that delivers quality and function, and that you as a customer experience that you have made excellent choices by choosing Noro.

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