Westerbergs will be the obvious choice for high-quality bathroom products.

Business concept

Westerbergs will be the market leader and experts within massage baths to meet the needs of the modern consumer for wellbeing. The products will be sold through specialist retailers and exceed the end-customer's expectations.

Target group

Westerbergs has a target group with modern lifestyles which needs relaxation and wellbeing, regardless of the life they lead. They appreciate functionality and high quality in Scandinavian design.

Core values

Experts in whirlpool baths that are functional, of a high quality, and feature Scandinavian design.


1981 Westerbergs Badrum AB is founded by Folke Westerberg. The range comprises showers, bathroom furniture and mixers.

1990 Acquisition of Westerbergs by Kokholmens Investmentbolag. Anders Borg becomes Head of Operations. In-house production of whirlpool baths begins.

1993 The company moves from Borås to Hyssna.

1996 Acquisition of Westerbergs by Anders Borg and Per-Olof Alexandersson.

1999 A sales company is formed in Norway.

2000 A sales company is formed in Denmark.

2002 A sales company is formed in Finland.

2004 The company moves from Hyssna to Skene Skog and invests in automated assembly systems.

2005 Acquisition of Westerbergs by Haendig.

2006 Westerbergs and Hafa are merged to form Hafa Bathroom Group.

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